Subliminally Telling My Parents that They’re Going Through a Midlife Crisis

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted due to a) going down to the wifi-less, signal-less, Medieval depths of Cornwall for a week and b) coming back home for the Easter holidays and subsequently becoming honorary stay-at-home-daughter whilst the parents go off to work. I’m not a very good one – I forgot the … Continue reading Subliminally Telling My Parents that They’re Going Through a Midlife Crisis

Man Jobs

Boys and BBQs. Why is this a thing? I was asking myself this yesterday as I was sent into the kitchen to get the buns ready and bring out plates and ketchup etc. whilst the boys tended the two little disposable BBQs we’d bought after spontaneously deciding to have our first BBQ of the year. … Continue reading Man Jobs

Things Go Wrong

This will not be a long post, nor a very in-depth post – no themes or anecdotes or musings on words I particularly like that day. This is just about the two good things I ate today. Risotto and cake. I’ll start with the cake. I’d been dying to try this particular recipe for a … Continue reading Things Go Wrong


A few days ago I was talking to a friend about the things we miss at uni right now – a bath in a bacteria-free bathroom, having a car to drive around in, having an actual dining table instead of eating off our laps etc. – and she said ‘pudding’… I did not comprehend this. ‘I … Continue reading Pud

A Post About Bread

Our saviour. Basis of infinite breakfasts, absorber of alcohol, vessel for transporting numerous dips and spreads into our mouths, blank canvas for a world of toppings and fillings suitable at every hour of the day. I wholly follow the religion of bread. The religion of bread has a number of denominations. Some choose the path … Continue reading A Post About Bread