Things Go Wrong

This will not be a long post, nor a very in-depth post – no themes or anecdotes or musings on words I particularly like that day. This is just about the two good things I ate today. Risotto and cake. I’ll start with the cake. I’d been dying to try this particular recipe for a … Continue reading Things Go Wrong


A few days ago I was talking to a friend about the things we miss at uni right now – a bath in a bacteria-free bathroom, having a car to drive around in, having an actual dining table instead of eating off our laps etc. – and she said ‘pudding’… I did not comprehend this. ‘I … Continue reading Pud

A Post About Bread

Our saviour. Basis of infinite breakfasts, absorber of alcohol, vessel for transporting numerous dips and spreads into our mouths, blank canvas for a world of toppings and fillings suitable at every hour of the day. I wholly follow the religion of bread. The religion of bread has a number of denominations. Some choose the path … Continue reading A Post About Bread

My Housemates Baked ( + A Definitive Guide to Healthy-ish Brownies)

There’s a cooking feudal system within our house. I’m at the top (obviously) – the Henry VIII of the cooking hierarchy. Alex and Lucia form the knight/bishop/nobleman inbetween, and at the bottom – the culinary layman – lies Guy. Meals for him consist of ryvita with mustard, fried mince with ‘shit chucked in’, and Fox’s … Continue reading My Housemates Baked ( + A Definitive Guide to Healthy-ish Brownies)