Many Different Pancakes

It’s Pancake Day and I’m having a wee existential crisis. Not over dissertation, not over my dwindling (/fully dwindles) finances, not over the fact that I watched something with Tom Hardy in this morning and didn’t think it was THAT great. I am having a wee existential crisis because I can’t decide what kind of pancake … Continue reading Many Different Pancakes

Nug Talk

It’s been a very long time since my last post; I blame this on my dissertation. Not that I’ve actually written any of it this week, or done much reading or research for it – it’s just the presence of it in the form of the pile of books by my desk has induced a … Continue reading Nug Talk

New Year, New Memes

FYI This post doesn’t have anything to do with memes (yet, not sure where I’m going with it quite yet), but it is to do with New Year. Specifically, the year 2017. I have a properly good feeling about this one, and here’s why. For a start, the world in general seems to have had … Continue reading New Year, New Memes