My Food-Central Book Club

2 thoughts on “My Food-Central Book Club”

  1. When I read this bit, ‘and I needed to gain a stone or so to stop myself feeling permanently cold’ I blurted out a laugh so hard n fast that I gave my housemate the fright of his life! You always say what I have thought before, but in a much wittier way. Your writing is incredible, I bloody love all your posts and think you hit the nail on the head all of the frigging time. I’ve just paid my pound to reserve a copy of The Angry Chef at the library. Keep doing what you’re doing, I have no doubt I’ll be reading your writing in the printed world very soon! Rosie x


    1. This is genuinely one of the loveliest compliments I’ve ever received, thank you so, so much. It feels very strange to know that people in the world are actually reading about the things that pop into my head, let alone truly enjoying them! I’m actually doing an apprenticeship with The Telegraph and I’ve got a few pieces published so hopefully if I’m lucky I might be a regular in print!! Got a link here to my latest one if you’re at all interested (shameless plugging I know)

      Thank you again, you’re the best ❤️


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